Wednesday, December 1, 2010

health camp

On Tuesday we went to Health Camp and it was cool when I went there when I got there I went out of the van and I saw my friend Ronald and his brother and his little brother and we walked inside the camp and to get out name tag.After when we finished going to the hall we went to the drom and put our bags in our rooms. Next we went to school and saw our teachers at school and we went to our class rooms and I was in room 3. In the weekend we went to Omana and we saw some chicken walking and we saw some eggs.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mairangi Bay

On Friday we went to Mairangi Bay and we went on the bus to Mairangi Bay and when we got there I saw weaves and it was big and when we got out the beach was big and it was huge. Next we went inside to put our bags on the chairs then we sat down on the floor and when I sat on the floor it had sand on it,then it was time for morning tea and we took our bags outside on the grass and we ate morning and after that I went and play on the sand and we got told to go back inside because it was time to go inside. After that we got change to go for a swim and it was lunch time.
We then went outside ate lunch then we went and play on the sand again and we took our top of and we went to the water when I went to the water the water went to me feet.Then we went with a lady to get our boogie board and my boogie board was pink then we went back to the water and I took my pink boogie board with me and we got told to go into the water and when I went into the water the weaves was coming to me and I went on my board in the water and the weaves went a little bet big and then the weaves pushed me to the sand and I went and did it again and the weaves was cool to splash in the water and the weaves was coming to me when the weaves was coming I went inside the weaves and the weaves went over me and it splashed on me and it was time to change because we have to give the other person the board and the person has to go into the water and the other person has to a life guard and I had no parta then I just had a free time in the water and a lady came up to me and said wheres your parta and I said I have no parta then we went and got change in the changing room. Then when we got change the bus to pick us up and then we went onto the bus and we went back to school.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Immersion Assembly

On the first day of each term we have an immersion assembly. The whole
school knows that we have a new topic to learn about.

The immersion assembly is a lot of fun.

This term we are learning about Mighty Mariners. The assembly was a lot of fun
because of Mrs She. She was funny at acting like a pirate.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


We are learining about Volcanoes. I know that the Roman god of fire is called Vulcan.
An eruption is caused by molten rock heating up. This makes it grow bigger in size. Now it has expanded, it needs more room and moves into any empty spaces. When these spaces are blocked the molten rock has nowhere to go.
Dormant means that it could wake up at any time. Extinct means that its all gone and will not come back again. Some volcanoes will not erupt again.